Art History Reading

Greetings to all Christian art lovers,

You may have noticed that I have been posting art history reading. It is reading that correlates to my drawing 1 and Drawing 2 classes which I teach in person .

The book, A Child’s History of Art, written  by Hillyer , is an excellent overview of painting, beginning with ancient cave art and ending with modern art.  I have organized the reading where my Drawing 1 class reads the first half of the book and Drawing 2 reads the second half, which begins with Italian Renaissance.

Ordinarily , I discuss the reading with my students and familiarize them with the artists who are introduced.  Reading this   book, which is a very elemental presentation of art history, provides an excellent foundation for a general overview of the history of painting throughout the world.

I hope enjoy reading it and will respond with questions or comments .

The study of Art History will greatly enrich your art education. As you develop the fundamental skills as they are presented in this class, you will be able to go on to copy some of these great Master’s works.  In doing this you will further improve your observation skills and your ability to draw as they did!

Drawing 1 classes underway!!

This week we decided to get an HD camera for  my classes!! I am so excited about how the production is going- I hope to have the next couple of lessons up soon!  The materials are all complete- they are keynote presentation from the lesson plans I have developed and presented in the classroom over ...

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Homeschooling On The Rise According To CNN

I rarely watch CNN and it's even more rare that I like something that I see when I do.  But I recently ran across this report they did about homeschooling and was actually pleasantly surprised with the news.  The number of parents who are choosing to home school their children has increased almost 75% in ...

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7 Keys to a Good Homeschool Art Curriculum

I remember when my husband and I first decided to homeschool our children. We had just listened to an extremely powerful tape series by Gregg Harris which both convicted us and excited us about the value of teaching our children at home instead of sending them off to a traditional public or private ...

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Suggestions for Artists

Draw as much as you can and as much as you can from life-looking at the subject your drawing while you draw. To draw well you have to first see well!

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Art and the Bible

One of my early influences as a Christian artist was Francis Schaeffer. His book, Art and the Bible, is excellent. Here is just a short excerpt from this book: "Christianity ...

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Welcome to the Christian Art Class Blog

Hi. I am so excited to share this adventure with you as we explore the wonders of God's amazing creation through the eyes of an artist. As the classes progress, I will be posting different things that I want you to think about and to explore on your own. Your comments are welcome and, in ...

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