Homeschooling On The Rise According To CNN

I rarely watch CNN and it’s even more rare that I like something that I see when I do.  But I recently ran across this report they did about homeschooling and was actually pleasantly surprised with the news.  The number of parents who are choosing to home school their children has increased almost 75% in the last ten years.

With the way our culture seems to be headed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these numbers increase even more. The other good news is that both the quality and quantity of resources that homeschooling families will have access to will most likely increase as well.

Although they downplay the role that Christians have had on the home school movement, the reality is that Christian believers have helped to pioneer the homeschool movement and are still making a significant contribution in supporting families that choose to teach their children at home. My prayer is that God will use this trend to bring people into His Kingdom through the types of people that homeschooling families will meet and the resources they use to teach their children.

I pray, too, that God will use the homeschool art curriculum I am putting online to help families know and understand God better, in addition to teaching the principles and techniques of art. The foundation of my art classes has always been that God is the Creator and since we are made in His image, we are reflecting His image whenever we create.

Here’s the link to the report by CNN:

Let’s keep praying for families who are choosing this option for educating their children.

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