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Teaching others is an incredible privilege and honor.  A teacher, coach, or mentor has the ability to shape and greatly influence their pupils.

I have been teaching for over 20 years and have had hundreds of students in Art, French, and Bible. I am also a coach for the World Race missionary organization, and a mentor to other artists and young people. I don’t take these roles lightly as I understand the impact I can make on an individual.

I feel a great responsibility towards those I teach, coach or disciple.

On this site I hope to share more about learning about Art from a Christian perspective.  I find that there isn’t a lot of material offered on this subject and very few resources for artists who are Christians to access.

As a Fine Arts major at Mount Holyoke College, I wanted to write about being a Christian artist for my senior portfolio. It was difficult then to find much written on it. It is still difficult to find much today.

I read “How Shall We then Live”, by Francis Schaeffer who taught on how the art of an age reflected the philosophy and beliefs of that culture. He explores art history to reveal the worldviews of different cultures through the ages, which were predominately not Christian ones.

As I teach about Art history to my students now, I show them that the Bible is depicted throughout all of the centuries. The church was the primary supporter of the artists who were hired during the Renaissance, in particular, to decorate the walls of the church, but also to teach what was in the Bible who couldn’t read it for themselves. These beautiful paintings, sculptures, stained glass illustrations depict all the great stories of the Bible.

My portfolio was my own Biblical interpretation of Creation, and was done to make the statement that I believe that it took place as described in Genesis, and that, because of it , I am an artist.

The first thing we learn about God in the Bible is that He created. The first thing we learn about man is that he is created in God’s image, made also to  be creative. As we create , we reflect our Godlike image to the world, bringing God glory.

I teach that,as Creator, God made everything. As artists we can reproduce what God made by studying it and copying it’s images the best we can. I teach, “to draw well, you must see well”. So I always start art lessons by teaching students how to see the world around them better.

To draw an object well, takes very skilled ability to observe and study it differently than just looking at it. It takes patience and coordination of your hand and eye to reproduce the object accurately.

I usually start my classes with a simple apple-also created by God. In the course on this site, the first class is really a seeing lesson called blind contour. As we learn to really see what God has created and acquire a few skills and techniques, any student can learn to reproduce their image.

I hope you will be inspired today as a creation created to create.





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