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Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright

Hi. My name is Lisa Wright. I am a professional artist and have been teaching classes in Art and French for over 20 years ( … in addition to homeschooling my 4 children from preschool through graduating high school.)

I continue to teach in a local homeschool enrichment program where I meet with over 50 students each week. I also offer private classes in our community for students of all ages.

My passion is to train artists, both young and old, and help them to gain the skills they need to express their God-given talents. I truly believe that we glorify God and give Him pleasure when we develop and use the gifts that He has given to us. When we create, we are more like Him.

ChristianArtClass.com is a recent project to put my classes on video and share this information with more people. I have worked to develop this curriculum over the past 15 years and have combined it with my training as a Studio Art major at Mount Holyoke College and Et Ecole de Beaux Arts in Paris, France.

In my experience, it is very difficult to find Art training materials that integrate a Christian perspective. This was the main reason that I decided to develop my own. I especially have a heart to share this information with homeschool parents and want to help them by making these resources available.

I pray that these lessons and the things shared through this website will be a tremendous blessing.

~ Lisa

P.S. – I would also like to invite you to visit my personal Art blog at LisaWrightsArt.com